The moment we stop searching, learning and progressing, we shoot the last frame of our life's movie. 


LOS ANGELES, March 2008 

After completing electrical-engineering high school, majoring in Video Technologies and at the same time Music high school, majoring in the cello, Sandra graduated from Belgrade University of Arts and having obtained a B.A. in Film and TV Cinematography.  She also enrolled in a postgraduate course in Digital Arts at the same University.

In June 2006 Sandra successfully completed a postgraduate course at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, CA, and obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree in cinematography.

She worked as a cinematographer at the independent Belgrade TV station B92 for eight years as well as a freelancer for a number of foreign broadcasting services: TV NHK, Japan, TV SFDRS, Switzerland and ARTE, France-Germany.  She led ENG courses for South-East Media Agency.

She shot 16 documentaries and 9 short films as a DP.  Many of her films were awarded international or national prizes. Documentary Anatomy of Pain won Grand Prix at the 47. Yugoslav documentary festival (2000). 

Her latest short film Caroline Crossing, produced by AFI Thesis Production 2006, won honorable mention at the 21. Annual John Alonzo Heritage Awards of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC).

Sandra also did underwater and aerial filming. Her underwater documentary Fear was shown at the Festival of Underwater Photography, Belgrade 2002.

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