The moment we stop searching, learning and progressing, we shoot the last frame of our life's movie. 


...Working for them was not always easy, because the police beat and arrested journalists and cameramen together with the protesters.  The station was shut down twice by the regime in 1996 and in 1999.  During the NATO bombing of Serbia, when I mostly worked for foreign news services (NHK Japan, SFDRS Swiss, ARTE France/Germany, Eurovision Service), I came to love the documentary form.  I found out how exciting it could be to look for the right frame in spite of concerns about your life.  I quickly learned the value of shooting a document of history and being at the right place at the right time.  When there is only one right moment in time, capturing it in one's mind and recreating it on the screen makes it a thrill.

I also learned that one has to keep fighting and keep moving forward.  I knew that I needed to learn more about the technology and the world.  I completed training courses in skydiving and underwater diving so that I could start doing aerial and underwater photography.  I enrolled in postgraduate studies in digital arts at Belgrade University, majoring in digital inter-mediate processing.  Still, it had always been my dream to continue the study of cinematography for fiction films.  Since there was no proper institution for that in my country,  I knew that I had to find one abroad. My love of cinematography guided me through many winding and dangerous paths to hopefully bring me to a land far away from my own where I could continue my education and grow creatively as well as academically.  I enrolled in the AFI program for cinematographers which taught me various skills and gave me knowledge necessary to become a competitive member of the fast paced and constantly developing motion picture industry.  AFI Cinematography program exemplifies the ideology of allowing students to utilize their past experiences and their passion for finding new creative ways to portray different perspectives of the light and world around me.

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